The Apple rumor mill keeps churning with potential updates for existing devices like MacBook Pros and iMacs, and lets not forget the iPad mini.  It seems the cycle is never ending, just weeks ago the iPhone 5 was released and the first rumors started back over a year ago.

The latest Apple rumors according to Cult of Mac claim several products are all facing delays in the manufacturing process.  Which may explain why we haven’t seen any product announcements prior to the retailer-coveted holiday season.  The source claims that Foxconn and Pegatron aren’t able to acquire/manufacture enough units for the displays and chassis for the new, smaller iPad.  While the 13-inch variant of the MacBook Pro is delayed because of Retina Display shortages.

While the source of these rumors have been hit or miss, this news probably isn’t that far from the truth considering the volume and rate at which Apple has been clearing out inventory.  It looks like for the time being you’ll have to wait just a little while longer for the latest iDevice.

[via Cult of Mac]