iPad Mini Accessories Reportedly Ready to Ship

We covered a report earlier this week that suggested case design for the iPad mini had halted due to last minute design changes. That may not actually be the case, at least for several accessory makers in Asia. According to Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White, more than 20 firms are already working on accessories for the new iPad mini and many of them have already boxed up the accessories and are ready to ship them off to consumers.

As of Friday, the latest rumors suggest that Apple will unveil the iPad mini during a press event on Oct. 23. It's still a rumor, of course, since we first heard that Apple was going to announce the tablet on Oct. 10, but that day has come and gone.

Apparently White was able to play with a "pilot" version of the iPad mini, according to AppleInsider, and he liked that it was easy to store in his coat pocket and comfortable to hold. We're super pumped to see how this 7.85-inch iPad plays out. Thankfully, it sounds like there's going to be plenty of accessories ready to go around at launch.

[via AppleInsider]