The iPad mini 4 isn’t really much of an update. Apple simply stuffed last year’s iPad Air 2 into a smaller frame. That’ not necessarily a bad thing, though a new iFixit teardown reveals the company could also be cutting corners when it comes to the new tablet’s battery.

It turns out the iPad mini 4 features a smaller battery with less capacity compared to last year’s model. It also has been downgraded to a single cell setup from two. On the bright side, the battery is still relatively easy to remove if you need to swap it out and have the right tools. Apple also claims this new battery should last up to 10 hours (9 on cellular data) just like the iPad mini 3.

Overall the new iPad mini didn’t do very well in iFixit’s repairability test. The device scored a pretty dismal 2 out of 10, though to be fair that’s the same score awarded to all of Apple’s recent tablets. The main issues seem to be the company’s decision to use lots of adhesive inside the device. The Lightning connector and Touch ID button are also pretty hard to remove without doing any damage in the process.

The iPad mini 4 starts at $399. You can buy it now from Apple, though if you already own one of last year’s models it’s probably not worth the upgrade.