iPad mini 4 product

Apple made some changes to the iPad mini 4 this year by adding some additional RAM and a faster A8 processor, making it at least a worthy upgrade over the iPad mini 2. But we didn't know that it has at least one other feature that might make it more compelling for even iPad mini 3 owners to upgrade.

DisplayMate recently tested the screen of the new iPad mini 4 and found that the screen is much less susceptible to reflections, which means that it's going to be easier to view in more conditions, and that the colors are going to be more accurate.

"The record low 2.0% screen Reflectance actually makes a bigger visual difference for the image colors and image contrast that you actually see because ambient light washes out and degrades the displayed images and reduces the screen readability – so record low Reflectance actually makes a [big] difference," DisplayMate Technologies president Ray Soneira explained. He added that the contrast rating is also another win. "In fact, the iPad mini 4 has a contrast rating for high ambient light of 225, the highest we have ever measured and another record for the mini 4."

Perhaps the iPad mini 4 is a pretty big update after all.