Apple has reportedly cut shipments of the first generation iPad mini in anticipation of a third quarter iPad mini 2 launch, according to a recent report published by DigiTimes.

The news outlet said parts suppliers revealed that Apple's shipments are down to 10-12 million units in Q2, which apparently represents a 20 percent cut from regular shipment levels. Shipments for the year were cut to 33 million units, too.

The impending launch of the yet-to-be-announced iPad mini 2 isn't the only reason shipments were sliced, however, as sources also said Apple made the cuts "because of increased competition from various 7-inch Android tablets."

Does that mean Apple's worried about losing sales to devices made by Samsung, Asus (Google) and others? Perhaps it's finding that demand is weaning off, or shifting to the lower-price Android tablets, although we suspect many would-be iPad mini owners are waiting for the second-generation tablet, which is expected to offer a sharper Retina display.