The rumors surrounding the second generation iPad mini have become mercurial at best as one day it won’t have a retina display, but the very next day it will. The latest set of rumors say that not only will it come with the higher resolution display, but that it will also offer an assortment of colors.

According to multiple sources speaking with The Wall Street Journal, Apple is in the midst of setting up suppliers for retina displays to be used in the second generation iPad mini. According to the report, Samsung Display Co., Sharp Corp. and LG Display Co. have all been contracted to supply the screens. The inclusion of Samsung comes as a bit of a surprise as Apple has been trying to move away from being involved with the Korean manufacturer in light of the numerous lawsuits that are ongoing between the two entities around the globe. However, it would appear this was necessitated after the decision was made to drop Taiwan’s AU Optronics Corp. when it failed to deliver the promised quantity of displays for the first generation iPad mini last year.

This new rumor arrives a day after files in the new iOS 7 Beta 4 made reference to a second generation iPad mini, but there was no evidence of it including a retina display. The inclusion of the higher end display in the second generation tablet has been seen as a must by many pundits, but it definitely seems as though that factor is still very much in flux at this time.

As for the rumor of the back panel being offered in multiple colors, this is the first time this rumor has surfaced, but it does make a certain amount of sense. The iPhone 5C seems to be a certainty to arrive in multiple colors now, and we saw Apple go down the color road last year with the latest iteration of the iPod touch. Perhaps the company is finally trying to move away from the more traditional black and white format of its cases and bring a bit of life to its product lines.

The report does correctly note that Apple has been known to test multiple prototypes and make decisions on what it releases at the very last moment, so none of this is set in stone at this time. If the rumors hold that the second generation iPad mini will debut in the fall, we won’t have much longer to wait to find out for sure.