Apple’s first generation — the current generation — iPad mini is available in black or white. Now, along with rumors that the next model will sport an improved processor, a Retina display and more, we’re now being treated to new crop of pictures that suggests it will retain its current size. At least, if we believe the leaked images are legitimate. It’s the second bunch of images from FanaticFone, the first batch being leaked images of the iPad 5 rear casing, so the group there either has close ties to Apple’s supply chain partners or they’re just making mock-up images to fool us all.

Right now a lot of information on the iPad mini 2 is contradictory. iOS 7 suggests that the next version won’t have a Retina display. Meanwhile, sources speaking to The Wall Street Journal contend that it indeed will have a much sharper Retina screen.

The images don’t show us a lot to go off of as we’re basically looking at just a rear casing without a whole lot of information to discern from it. We expect Apple will detail the new iPad mini in the coming months, so hopefully we learn more soon.