The holiday season may not have worked out in Apple’s favor entirely. The company, along with RIM, saw a decreased tablet market share following the holiday season, according to new research published by Chitika. Make no mistake, however, Apple still has the lion’s share of the tablet market in the United States.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire saw a 3.03 percent boost to a 7.51 percent share, Samsung”s Galaxy Tab products, presumably combined, reached a 4.39 percent market share after a 1.38 percent boost, and Google’s Nexus tablet jumped 0.92 percent to a 2.04 percent share. Consumers still seem lukewarm to the Microsoft Surface, its share is just 0.40 percent and only increased by 0.17 percent during the holidays.

RIM’s overall grasp sits at 0.68 percent and fell 0.02 percent during the holidays, which is negligible, and Apple’s tablet market share sits pretty at 78.86 percent. However, that’s down 7.14 percent, likely due to the increased attention Amazon’s Kindle Fire is garnering from consumers.

So what about phones?

“Among smartphones, the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III were the biggest winners of the holiday season, posting 1.1% and 1.0% gains in smartphone usage share, respectively,” Chitika said. “Samsung also extended its lead within the large-screen smartphone, or “phablet,” market with share gains by its 5.5” Galaxy Note II, while competitor HTC saw no share gain for its 5” Droid DNA.” No surprise there, considering the Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5 have been incredibly popular.

Apple’s market share is still strong, we can’t forget that, but competitors are very clearly beginning to chip away at its dominance in the United States. Amazon, particularly, is the most dangerous on the tablet front.