Apple iPhone and iPad Prototype Photo Gallery

Wow what a treasure trove of history this trial is turning out to be. First we saw the original iPad Prototype 035, then we found that it was almost as thick as three iPad 2 units stacked on top of one another. A few days later, several images of early iPhone and iPad prototypes spilled out and then, on Monday, we were treated to dozens of additional photos and renders. Today, we grant you yet another look at early iPhone and iPad builds that were also revealed during the trial, thanks to leaks provided by The Verge.

There’s a particularly crazy early iPhone design (pictured above) where the top of the phone basically slopes off down to a super thin plateau. We’re not sure why this design was considered – possibly to alleviate early issues that almost prevented the phone from ever hitting the market — but it’s compelling nonetheless. There are also images of early iPads, that appear to be on-a-par with the first generation device, as well as older models that have huge and ugly borders around the display.

Ah, how far Apple has come. Enjoy the full gallery below.

iPhone and iPad Prototype Gallery

[via The Verge]