Apple’s personalized touch started with the classic iPod, but the music player has been pulled from production. Maybe you’re as surprised as me to hear that the company still does engravings for a very small number of its products. Seriously, you can get an engraving on Apple products even though your choices are limited.

The iPad and iPod Touch are the only devices left where you can add a few words around the back. It’s done for free, and you get a healthy number of characters to work with. Apple doesn’t hide the option for an engraving, either. During checkout online, you’ll be asked if you’d like a free engraving added. Apple provides two lines of characters as well.

Where some people might struggle, however, is the decision not to add an engraving yet receive one anyway. As one Reddit user pointed out, perhaps it’s not so easy to avoid adding an engraving.

Here’s what /u/GeekSourceOfficial posted a few days ago:

Look closely, and you’ll see and five-word engraving. It says “no i dont want an engraving” because the shopper thought Apple was asking a question, not just displaying an optional text box.

To be fair, the shopper in this example was completely aware of what he/she was doing. The thread on Reddit was created purely out of humor.

Other customers, though, could turn out to really be fooled. Apple vaguely shows that an engraving isn’t required and the text box is only there if you’d like one. Of course, it’s mainly the elderly and ditzy people who’d likely run into such an error. The average person will be just fine.

By the way, we’re not sharing this to encourage Apple to change its online store. The layout works very well. It’s merely something humorous for you to think about the next time you pick up an iPad or iPod Touch.