Apple's iPad is regularly regarded as the pinnacle of tablet engineering. Its design, while largely unchanged after four iterations (that might change later this year), is of the utmost quality, a premium specimen of craftsmanship and precision. Devices such as the Transformer Pad Infinity and Microsoft Surface have come close, in some respects surpassed the tablet, but the iPad is still the industry model by which all others are measured.

Will that be the case in five, ten, fifteen years from now? The tablet as we know it now probably will be much different in the years to come—Microsoft's upcoming Surface Pro is proof of that—so how will the iPad adapt to the changing market? Digital Artist Ricardo Afonso has an opinion.

Afonso created a new 3D concept in which Apple's prized showpiece is nothing but a slate of glass accented by two pieces of aluminum. It basically looks like what we recognize as the iPad today, just transparent.

I'm not particularly fond of such a concept. Afonso argues that such a device would improve the level of immersion, but I'd have to say it would be the complete opposite. The experience would be so distracting if you could see right through what you're holding. Imagine how fragile it would be. And does this mean everyone knows exactly what you're looking at from behind the tablet? 

Anyway, check out his concept, and decide for yourself if this is the direction you want to see tablets headed.