The iPad is the hottest gadget on the market right now, so it isn’t surprising there are a slew of accessories coming out for it: covers, docks, keyboards, little black dresses … yes, you read that correctly.

While the iPad is a lot of fun to use, it can be a bit awkward to carry about at times.  Whether it be just walking from room to room, or dropping it in your messenger bad when you leave the office on errands, it can be a bit difficult to comfortablly carry.  However, are you willing to become the butt of endless mocking by buying iPad compatible clothing?



This “classic” Little Black Dress comes from a company calling itself iClothing out of Australia.  Appropriately named the iDress, this little black diddy features a pouch just below the waistline of the dress that is just the right size to carry your iPad around with you.  Made in sizes 8, 10, 12 and 14, it sells for $89.95 AUD ($76 USD).  Here is the official description:

The iDress is a black, above the knee, short sleeved dress with a built in protected pouch to carry and store your iPad without hindering your movement or style.

Constructed out of durable cotton sateen, the iDress is the perfect work/day dress, comfortable and iPad compatible.

From the office to the cocktail lounge, read your iPad comfortably on your way to the next party in town.

While it’s difficult to see in this picture, the way the pocket is situated, forget any idea of trying to sit down while the iPad is in the pouch.  Never mind the odd profile this would give your figure — normal female curves, large flat area that sticks out — and don’t forget the iPad only weighs 1.5 lbs, but don’t you think that is going to pull your dress down over time?

The scary part of this is that of this writing, the iDress is sold out.  They are currently soliciting re-orders, but there is no mention on the site how many orders they need to make another production run of them.



From the same folks behind the iDress, the iTee is described as:

Unisex iTee available in all sizes in white and black.

The protective almost invisible front pouch stores and carries your iPad with you on the move.
Perfect for men and women with a digital lifestyle.

Made from 100% cotton jersey, the simple tee has never been so technologically compatible.

Apparently there was a demand for the black as it wasn’t listed when I first looked at the page.  Available in XS through L, all sizes and colors sell for $44.95 AUD ($38 USD).

No, this won’t look goofy in the least!  I mean, it’s a giant pouch on your front, and on women it is directly below their breasts.  Yes, because all women want more excuses for men to stare at their chest area.

This has to be one of the dorkiest looking things I’ve ever seen.  And iClothing is soliciting ideas for more clothes to add to its offerings.


Luckily it isn’t being called the iSuit, but it is being made by Mohan Custom Tailors in New York City.

ipad suit

We have no clue what this costs as all of their suits are custom made, but unless there is a 1.5 lbs counterweight on the other side of the jacket, this is never going to hang correctly.  Not to mention the fun of the thing slapping against your side or stomach with each step you take.

You know what folks?  Just buy a nice case and slip your iPad into a bag!