Usually you expect tree debris and other materials littered on U.S. highways, but consumer electronics? Much more rare. The photo you see above is the aftermath of what one Georgia woman experienced while simply driving down the road. Apple's iPad is so durable that it's capable of penetrating a car bumper. No, there's no app for that, although the argument of Apple's engineering prowess can be put to rest after seeing this.

According to the woman's tale, she was driving down the road when she saw something suddenly careening toward her car. She pumped the brakes, braced for impact, but nothing happened—or nothing that she noticed. After parking, she peeked to see if any damage was done, and low and behold, an iPad was wedged deeply into her car's bumper. Free iPads are raining in Georgia.

The owner of the iPad said he mistakenly left it on top of his car, which is why it was roaming solo on the road in the first place. I can only imagine how the conversation will go between the woman and her insurance. Even after all that, the iPad was still functional, albeit pretty beat up from its head-on collision.