ipad air explode australia

Just three days ago, a report surfaced suggesting that one of Apple's brand new iPad Air models had exploded at a Vodafone Store in Australia. Several readers suggested that it wasn't an iPad Air at all, though Vodafone had apparently confirmed the news to both CNBC and The Australian. Now, another Vodafone employee is backtracking on those claims.

Speaking to Mashable recently, the Vodafone employee said that yes, an iPad did explode in the store, but that it wasn't a newer iPad Air model. "Can confirm it was not an Air; all I know it was a Retina model, so 3 or 4," the Vodafone representative told Mashable. As we already know, Apple is investigating the situation to figure out what happened.

It's extremely rare for a gadget to just explode out of nowhere, and fires are usually attributed to faulty third-party chargers or other conditions. We assume Vodafone was using the appropriate charging cable, one provided by Apple for the display, though we still don't know how this happened.