ipad air explode australia

A malfunctioning iPad Air demo model at a Vodafone store in Australia caused an evacuation earlier this week after the device reportedly burst into flames with sparks and smoke pouring out of the tablet's charging port. Vodafone confirmed the news to both CNBC and The Australian, saying there were no injuries to any customers or staff members.

The event took place on Wednesday with Apple representatives appearing later that day to collect the broken device for testing after local firefighters arrived to put out the blaze. Apple has declined to comment on the event so far or confirm it happened at all.

This is the first report of any dangerous issues with Apple's new iPad Air, though there have been similar incidents with other devices in the past. Earlier this year a Chinese woman was killed by electric shock after picking up her iPhone to answer a call. It's still unclear what caused the shock, though multiple reports point to a faulty third-party iPhone charger.