Apple decided not to update its iPad Air series last year, but it looks like the company could have a new tablet ready to launch this spring. An alleged iPad Air 3 blueprint from NoWhereElse reveals a few features that could be coming to the rumored tablet.

If the leaked schematics above are legitimate, then the iPad Air 3 may pack four speakers, with one located in each corned of the device to create a surround-sound experience. Apple introduced this setup last year with the iPad Pro. The speakers were pretty well received, so it’s wise of Cupertino to bring the same hardware to a smaller tablet.

The blueprints also suggest the iPad Air 3 could pack a rear camera flash. That seems like an odd choice. Apple has never included flash with any of its tablets in the past. Plenty of (bizarro) people take photos with their iPads already, however, and this might convince some of them to upgrade to a new model.

Before you get too excited about these iPad Air 3 features, it’s worth noting that NWE isn’t totally confident in the images. Editor-in-chief Steve Hemmerstoffer says he can’t confirm the legitimacy of the schematics above. He added that the same source has been correct twice before, but also got one rumor wrong.

If Apple really is planning to announce the iPad Air 3 in March, we should know the truth soon enough. We’re still not convinced this is anything more than a rumor, though.