Apple is expected to announce the iPad Air 3 (or is it the iPad Pro mini?) later this month. Now a leaked case appears to support a few rumored details about the upcoming tablet.

According to Twitter tipster Steve Hemmerstoffer, this is a case for the next-gen iPad, though he’s still not clear on what Apple will call the device. The leak appears to confirm that the tablet will feature a Smart Connector like the iPad Pro. It also sports the same surround sound setup with four speakers, one for each corner.

The new iPad is expected to offer Apple’s latest A9X processor, extra memory and support for the Apple Pencil as well. The company could even offer a smaller version of the keyboard case included with the original iPad Pro.

We’re still not sure what to think of this rumored tablet, but we should get an official look at the new iPad pretty soon. Apple is allegedly planning a special event for later this month, though the company still hasn’t officially set the date.