When Apple takes the stage at its rumored event this March, the company will reportedly unveil the oft-rumored iPad Air 3. The tablet will join a new lineup of gadgets from Apple, which will allegedly include new Apple Watch bands, and the iPhone 5se, a kind of iPhone 6/iPhone 5s hybrid.

According to 9to5Mac, the iPad Air 3 will be redesigned slightly to be more like the iPad Pro; it’ll supposedly come with additional speaker grills for improved audio quality, and support for the Apple Pencil. If true, it would bring Apple’s stylus technology to a wider audience, and maybe justify the existence of the accessory, which was made specifically for the iPad Pro.

Despite the existence of three different iPad sizes, Apple’s tablet experienced another slow quarter, with sales dropping 25 percent from where it was a year ago. An update to the 9.7-inch model would mark the first change since October 2014, when the iPad Air 2 was released.


9to5Mac says the iPad Air 3 is part of Apple’s plan to increase iPad sales this year, so it certainly makes sense it would explore the possibility of Apple Pencil support. In addition to a slight redesign and Pencil support, Apple is apparently testing a new version of iOS with a Classroom application, making it more appealing for education.

As for the Apple Watch updates, Apple is expected to launch several new bands, including a black version of the Milanese Loop, which you can see in the image above.