As I sit here composing this article on my iPad eight months after launch day, I can’t help but wonder how many iPad owners have actually ditched their laptops in favor of their stealth iPad?  Maybe you have transferred all your documents to iWork or you have simply started to consume more content on the iPad. I personally still have a hard time closing the laptop and using the iPad to create content. Maybe it’s the fact that on my Macbook Pro and iMac I implement Microsoft Office, mostly Word and Excel, that makes it difficult for me to put all my chips on the iPad with only stripped down iWork applications to utilize. When moving documents from iPad to iMac it is cumbersome to switch back and forth from Pages to Word. It actually reminds me of moving files back and forth from many computers by way of thumb drive or emailing them to yourself.

ipad_pages_landscapeIn an effort to see if I could actually ditch my laptop in favor of my iPad I have installed the desktop version of iWork, and for the last week have happily transferred documents to and from my iPad with some effort.  I have been implementing the, buggy, at best, iDisk feature as I typically work on a project, stop and restart on another device later on.  Frankly, I prefer Dropbox, but the clunky interface between iPad and my Dropbox prevent that from being a viable solution.  It is easy enough to download a document from Dropbox to your iPad and open it in Pages, but after working on it there is no easy way to send the document back to Dropbox and have it available the next time I wish to work on it from whatever device I am implementing at that time.

The other issue that I hope will be alleviated with the release of iOS 4.2 for iPad is the lack of multitasking.  When I write  I am typically doing research on the topic at the same time, and as we know moving from mobile Safari to Pages is less than smooth and quite time consuming.  It is much easier for me to write work while having a few tabs open in a browser on my desktop and switch back and forth as I wish.  The wish list for me on this front would be to have some sort of stripped down expose feature that allows me to quickly swap between document, web browser, email etcetera.

I really want to cut the cord with my laptop at times but find myself carrying both my laptop and iPad like a child that has to continue to lug around that security blanket.  I love my iPad and see it evolving into an even more versatile device than it is now, unfortunately until some of these issues are remedied I just don’t see myself ditching my laptop in favor for the iPad on a regular basis.

What about you? Have you been able to completely cut the cord between you and your laptop in favor of the iPad?  I look forward to reading your take on this transition.