iPad 3 and iPad 4

Another day, another wild iPad 3 rumor. However, just for fun, lets also throw an iPad 4 rumor in there as well.

Digitimes is reporting that not only is the iPad 3 coming in the spring, but that the iPad 4 won’t be too far behind with an October release that will include “killer applications.”  As is its usual stock-and-trade, the only somewhat reliable publication is citing “industry sources in Taiwan.”  They went on to state that the thinking was that this would be a way to take on the upcoming releases of Windows 8 tablets and the ever growing army of Android slates that continue to hit the market.

If we sound a little down on this concept, it’s because we did this exact same dance last year with the iPad 2.  Rumors of an iPad 3 launching later in 2011 were so thick that when Steve Jobs was on stage presenting the device, he even had to put up a slide declaring “2011:Year of  iPad 2.”  While he didn’t address the rumors directly, the message was clear enough that it would be the only version of the tablet coming out during that calendar year.  While Mr. Jobs has now passed on, we’re fairly certain that the corporate thought process at Apple hasn’t changed that radically that they would now go with this concept.

2011: Year of iPad 2

For now, we suggest you take this rumor with a very large dose of salt and skepticism.

Do you think Apple could release two different iPad devices this year?

[via Digitimes]