iPad 3 digitizer - black and white

New images of what is said to be front glass panes for the iPad 3 show two color options and the home button.

Rumors have been circulating that the iPad 3 might only come in black, but new images from Repair Labs tell a different tale.  While they could easily be confused for iPad 2 digitizers – the name for the front panels – the connector ribbons are different from the last generation.

Of course, the bigger news here is should these be the real deal, and we think the evidence is strong that they are, the home button is still very much there.  The invitation that went out for the event had led to some speculation that the button was missing from the iPad 3.  It does indeed appear the button is safe and sound for the time being.

We’ll know all the details on March 7, be sure to tune into TechnoBuffalo for all of the latest news on the iPad 3.

[via Repair Labs]

iPad 3 digitizer