iPad 3 shell rear cameraThe Apple boat is starting to take on more water. Another crop of purported iPad 3 photos have been leaked into the wild, revealing similar findings to what we ran yesterday. What’s the same: There isn’t much of a redesign. What’s different: Well, judging from the various component photos, we’re going to see improved internals.

Obtained by Cult of Mac, the photos show off a number of iPad 2 vs iPad 3 components, including the flex cable for the sleep/wake and volume buttons, microphone, Wi-Fi and headphone jack. Each comparison clearly shows Apple has taken a different internal design approach, perhaps with a bigger battery, improved camera and Retina-like display in mind. The differences in the two tablets seem to strengthen earlier reports suggesting Apple’s next iteration will be more of an incremental upgrade, similar to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

As for the design: The iPad 2 is beautiful already, so why fix something that isn’t broken? There still hasn’t been any clear, 100 percent indication whether or not the device will come equipped with a quad-core processor, but past evidence suggests that is indeed what we will see. The biggest concern for iPad fans seems to be the display. If a higher resolution screen doesn’t arrive when Apple announces its next tablet in early March, fans will truly be disappointed.

For all the component comparisons, hit up the link.

[via Cult of Mac]