Minor changes could be in store for the iPad and its smaller sibling. Apple recently registered two new tablets with the Eurasian Economic Commission, according to Consomac.

The filing reveals a duo of unannounced products that have model numbers not matching anything in the Apple’s current lineup.

It’s expected that the company will revamp the iPad and the iPad Mini in mid-March. As it did last year, the iPad would receive some upgraded components to remain appealing. The iPad Mini, however, has been overdue for a refresh. While the 9.7-inch model received welcome but not needed changes in 2017, the iPad Mini hasn’t been touched in more than three years.

If Apple does indeed make changes to the iPad Mini, the design could be tweaked to resemble the regular model along with having modern specifications. The iPad Mini could even be totally replaced by an even cheaper model priced at just $259.

Next month is when Apple could introduce the new iPad and iPad Mini. While nothing is confirmed, it does seem likely an announcement is inbound.