With the iPad 2 officially out, now it’s time for the inevitable comparisons to begin, and is there any place better to start than with its own older sibling?  Yes, it’s a family feud as the iPad 2 vs. iPad 1, or the 1st generation iPad if you prefer.

iPad vs iPad 2

While we’ve written an iPad 2 vs. iPad original throwdown – where you can read all of the tech specs for both models – it’s a whole different ball game to see them pitted against one another on video.  We’ll see how our new white Verizon 32GB iPad 2 fares against our AT&T 32GB iPad 1 physically, and then in the less obvious ways.  Whether it be opening the same apps such as Angry Birds, loading the same webpages or any other number of activities, we’ll see if the A5 processor makes a real difference over last year’s A4.

It’s never pretty to see a family fight, but somehow we think you won’t mind seeing it this one time.  Also make sure to check out our test of the iPad 2 cameras to see how they fare.

What do you think of the difference between the models?

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