With all of the available options, consumers looking to buy the second-generation iPad might find it difficult to discern which version of the device to purchase. One of the distinct differences between the iPad 2 and its predecessor is its carrier options, as the newest product from Cupertino is available on both AT&T and Verizon. Which of the two will come out as the triumphant victor?

Many of the tests that we performed comparing the original iPad on AT&T’s network and the iPad 2 on Verizon through SpeedTest.net were inconclusive, but the hardware advantage of the second-generation tablet should technically translate into better real-world results. This is largely due to the second processing core found on the onboard A5 processor, which allows for the rendering of JavaScript in the background while you browse, allowing for media content and text to load significantly faster.

If you’re looking to pick up a 3G-enabled version of the iPad 2, it would be best to make your network choice through examining which carrier has better coverage where you will use your shiny new tablet most. For your convenience, we have posted coverage maps below. Click on the images below for a larger view.

AT&T Coverage Map

Verizon Coverage Map

What do you, early adopters and potential buyers alike, think about the test results? If you participated in our poll a while back, has your opinion changed? If you already own an iPad 2, have your network speeds been up to par in your neck of the woods? Have you had the chance to test which network is better than the other? Sound off in the comments below.