While the iPad 2 launch is immanent, we may have to wait a few months before we see the follow up to the camera-less first generation.  Bloomberg is claiming:

Apple Inc.'s shipments of a new version of its iPad tablet computer may be delayed to June from April because of "production bottlenecks" at manufacturer Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Yuanta Securities Co. said…"Our checks suggest new issues are being encountered with the new production and it is taking time to resolve them," said Chen (Vincent Chen, analyst at Yuanta) in the report. "As a number of Android 3.0 tablets are being launched in April and May, the delay in iPad 2 shipments may give the Android camp a brief window of opportunity.''

The alleged delay is supposedly the result of last minute design changes made before the Lunar New Year (Happy Year of the Rabbit BTW).  While the specifics of these design changes are unclear, it is widely expected the iPad follow-up will feature a slimmer tapered design, front and rear cameras, faster dual core processor, and perhaps a new home button-less bezel.

The report from Bloomberg does run counter to The Wall Street Journal's report from earlier in the month that the iPad 2 was already in production, and allegation of dwindling current generation supply. These conflicting reports don't help the tablet buying public, as they hold off on purchasing the first generation or consider one of the upcoming Honeycomb tablets.  If these delays end up coming to fruition, they could significantly hurt Apple's bottom line, and reduce the projected iPad sales by seven million units from 30 million to 23.

We've heard from many of you, that you've been waiting on the iPad 2, does this change your tune?  Is it time to embrace the Droid or the TouchPad?  To the disappointing among you, be sure to check out our iPad competitor coverage.

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Whenever it comes, the iPad 2 is going to enter a much more competitive world than its predecessor did.

[Via MacRumors]