The iPad 2 is probably on its way, with an official announcement and unveiling expected to come from Apple next week. If you read my post on iPhone and iPad rumors yesterday, you know that I've been waiting for this day for a while now…Finally!

I passed on buying the device the first time, but am going to be first in line come round two.

The original iPad
When the original iPad came out, I was one of the skeptics. To put things in perspective, I probably own one of almost everything Apple has ever made. I love the company. Me saying something they make is worthless? Kind of a big deal. I thought the iPad was one of the stupidest things I'd ever seen. "It's a giant iPhone. I already have one of those" was my standard response around iPad launch time last year. To me, it was exactly that– a giant iPhone. Maybe something iPod Touch owners would want?

Warming up the old credit card
Unless the thing is ridiculously overpriced, there's nothing that's going to stop me from pulling out my Mastercard next week and buying the iPad 2. I still kind of think the tablet is a giant iPhone. Truth be told, I want a giant iPhone. I read a crapload of feeds everyday. Feed readers on the iPhone? They suck. I wanna use Flipboard. I want to watch Hulu Plus and play Plants vs. Zombies on a 9.7-inch screen! My opinion of what the device is hasn't really changed, but I can now see myself using the tablet in ways that I definitely did not this time last year. There are also tons of applications that are developed specifically for the device, not something that was around when the original iPad launched.

Obviously I'm not alone in that sentiment. Tablet sales are exploding now. Tablets are replacing computers for some light users, but are also becoming something that people who own computers and smartphones want to tote around with them as well.

My desire to buy the iPad 2 specifically I'll admit has a lot to do with my love for the company. I love how iOS works, how it interfaces with my computer, and Apple products in general. I already own a gagillion applications for my iPhone, so it also helps that I'll be able to put those on my iPad as well. That'll end up being a huge savings (for me) over buying an Android tablet and loading it up with applications.

Are tablets taking over? Are any of you in the same boat? Think the iPad was ridiculous and now itching to have a tablet to call your own? What made you change your mind? What are you hoping to see in the iPad 2?