While one of the biggest complaints about the original iPad was its lack of a front facing camera for video calls, the iPad 2 has solved this issue.  Sort of.

When Steve Jobs took the stage and introduced the iPad 2, we were all pretty certain we would be seeing cameras this time around, and he did not let us down.  Indeed there is a rear facing camera for video recording & still photos, as well as a front facing one you can use for FaceTime amongst other things.  The problem is that Apple appears to have used the same sub-par ones they used in the iPod Touch 4.

The rear facing lens is reportedly less than a megapixel, but no one is certain as Apple won't officially say.  All the company will tell us is that it shoots 720p HD video, but no word on what the quality is for still photos.  The front facing camera is just a simple VGA job that shoots video, but it is about as basic a camera as you can get.

Our own Jon Rettinger put the two cameras and their built-in mic through some simple tests, and as you can see for yourself in the video above, the results are less than stellar.  They are certainly of passable quality, but not anything you would want to shoot serious material with.  You can definitely FaceTime with family members, take a quick video at a party or the like, but it isn't going to be anything you want to keep for posterity.

What do you think?  Were the cameras worth the wait?

Bonus: Watch past the end credits for the video Jon's wife wouldn't want you to see … just remember that once seen, it cannot be unseen.