On Saturday Jon posted a video showing off the Photo Booth feature on the iPad 2, and mentioned that he thought it was something that people would more than likely open once, and never open again. I played around with Photo Booth a bit myself on Saturday, and I tend to disagree.

My friend Dave owns KoKyu, an International BBQ inspired food truck. A food truck that just happens to have an NES emulator on the side of it, making it my favorite food truck. He also makes a mean short rib quesadilla, which helps with the love factor. Saturday afternoon I found myself pretty engrossed in a game of Tetris on the side of the truck–which I apparently stink at now in my old age– and while I played he took some pictures with my iPad 2 using Photo Booth.

Photo Booth has eight built-in effects: Squeeze, Kaleidoscope, Thermal Camera, Twirl, Mirror, Light Tunnel, Stretch, and X-Ray. I’ve posted a bunch of the pictures he took (and some I took later on) below so you can see how some of them look. I actually think they turned out pretty cool. The KoKyu truck is decorated in graffiti, which helps the aesthetic of some of the effects in pictures, but I could see myself using some of these effects later on to take pictures of other things.

I’m a sucker for mobile photo applications that allow me to manipulate a picture. On my iPhone I pull out Instagram a decent amount to add effects to photos, and I’ve taken more than my fair share of Hipstamatic pictures. So, my appreciation for Photo Booth may be due in part to my general appreciation for photo manipulation.

Check out our food truck photos below. What do you think? Would you use Photo Booth to take pictures?