I came, I saw, I sat on the floor in a shopping mall for 3 hours, and in the end walked away with a 32GB Wi-Fi iPad 2. I just got home with it and am syncing it to my iTunes account (a project that is likely to take a good bit of time), so I thought I’d take a few minutes to post a few first impressions of the device while I wait:

This thing is super duper light. The Smart Cover I bought for the tablet (I bought a Smart Cover) feels like it weighs almost as much as the tablet itself. Even though the difference in size and weight isn’t huge between the original iPad and the iPad 2; I can definitely see and feel a difference.

Smart Cover My Smart Cover was a split-minute decision while I was in the Apple Store. The girl who was helping me asked if I wanted a case, and then took me to a man who was demoing them (Side note: What an odd job, to be the guy in charge of showing off the case all night). I tend to destroy things (I put a huge scratch across my original iPhone screen in 3 days), so I thought the Smart Cover was a smart purchase. Based on the five minutes I’ve spent with it now out of its packaging…that’s something everyone should probably skip. It attaches to the front of the iPad like a book, which is pretty cool, but using it like a stand and all the other magnificent ways its shown off elsewhere really doesn’t seem to work. Opinion now: Save your $40 for a third-party case in a few weeks. We’ll see if that opinion changes over the next few days of using it.

I bought a Wi-Fi iPad. The first computer I tried to sync it to was an older one, and didn’t have the latest version of OS X on it (it had 10.4.1)…so, I couldn’t activate it. Kind of obnoxious. I understand the need to link it with iTunes to transfer my music/other magic, but it’s sort of ridiculous that it wouldn’t work at all right out of the box. I know, nothing new, nothing new. Still obnoxious. I should be able to open the box and use it to surf the web or download apps.

Well, my setup is done and I’m off to play with this bad boy. Look for some hands-on video action from Jon later on this evening after he picks up his west coast iPad, and some thoughts from me once I get a chance to try out the new GarageBand and iMovie applications. Have something you want us to check out? Let us know in the comments!

Anyone else pick up an iPad 2 today? What are some of your first thoughts?