The iPad 2 unveiling is now said to be happening in March. Originally rumors circulated that we would see an announcement on Feb. 1st, matching up slightly with last year’s Jan. 27th premiere, but when that date slipped past, it left everything up in the air.

AppleInsider is reporting that Macotakara, a Japanese blog with a proven Apple track record, has stated that the long-awaited iPad 2 announcement could be happening at a smaller event some time in March.  The report goes on to say that the event could just be a pre-announcement, and the tablet would ship at a later date, which would match up with the rumors we’ve heard of an April release.

Considering that what appears to be an iPad 2 mock-up was caught on video at CES, it feels like these devices are close to a release, but for whatever reason, Apple is just sitting on it.  Perhaps they don’t want to overshadow the Verizon iPhone coverage?  Only time will tell.

What say you?  When do you think we can expect to finally see the iPad 2 unveiled?

Update: The iPad 2 has officially been announced. Be sure to check out Jon’s iPad 2 overview!

[source Macotakara, via AppleInsider]