This just in from the “Isn’t it ironic?” department: IP addresses from some of the top content creation companies, including Fox, Sony and Universal, have been caught red-handed downloading torrents of movies, music and TV shows. That’s the claim from TorrentFreak, at least, who sifted through data from YouHaveDownloaded, a Russian site that logs – and exposes! – IP addresses downloading many of the public torrents you can find out there. TorrentFreak did some digging and managed to match several infringing IP addresses to IP addresses registered to the aforementioned companies.

A Sony IP address from Culver City, CA and an NBC Universal IP address from Fort Lauderdale, FL went on especially naughty sprees, downloading several different torrents apiece, including a Halloween trance album, a Black Keys track, the complete first season of “The Game of Thrones,” the “Cowboys and Aliens” movie and more. An IP address registered to Fox was also found downloading “Super 8.”

An IP address from Google’s NY office also downloaded a ton of stuff, although interestingly enough, TorrentFreak notes that they couldn’t find any torrents being downloaded from BitTorrent Inc’s SF headquarters. Then again, YouHaveDownloaded only claims to track around a fifth of all available public torrents. (By the way, YouHave Downloaded’s owners say they’re exposing the IP addresses of anyone who downloads from the torrents they’re tracking in order to dispel the notion that you should expect privacy on the ‘Net.)

TorrentFreak also notes that an IP address from a Dutch music royalty collecting agency called Buma/Stemra was found downloading Battlefield 3 and episodes of “Entourage,” which prompted the company to claim that its address was spoofed. TorrentFreak invites the US companies mentioned above to do the same thing. “After all, if it’s so easy to spoof an IP-address, then accused file-sharers can use this same defense against copyright holders.”


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