A new study conducted by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) and released to AllThingsD breaks down the brand loyalty of iOS and Android device owners, revealing that iPhone users appear to be happier with their devices overall. Another recent study from the same analytics firm but published by Fortune breaks down Apple and Samsung’s smartphone customers by age, education and salary.

When it comes to brand loyalty, iOS leads Android by over 10 percent, with 81 percent of Apple customers sticking with the platform compared to just 68 percent for Android. However, both operating systems have taken a hit according to CIRP’s chart, with Apple showing a steady decline starting around December 2012, not long after the iPhone 5 was released. A second chart shows that in the past year about 20 percent of new iPhone users made the switch from Android, while Google poached just seven percent from iOS in return.

CIRP’s study comparing Apple and Samsung smartphone customers also reveals some interesting data. Apple’s user base skews slightly younger and richer that its South Korean rival. Another chart also reveals that iPhone users are more likely to have graduated from college, while the largest percentage of Samsung handset owners have “some college” education.