iPhone 4S lockscreenMaybe the legal gray area was more than Micro Systemation could handle. A day after demonstrating its XRY application on camera, which showed how the security function on an iPhone could be side-stepped in under two minutes, the Sweden-based company has pulled the video due to what we can only speculate to be a result of too much attention. As we wrote yesterday, the tool is designed to help law enforcement and military customers access devices of criminal suspects or military detains. The video showed an iPhone easily bowing to the XRY app’s mercy through sheer “brute force,” much like a jailbreaker would remove installation restrictions. Maybe Apple was upset the company shared its exploit on camera? Maybe Micro Systemation doesn’t want the tool falling into the wrong hands? Whichever the case, be sure to implement a stronger, more complicated password on your device if you’re afraid of being hacked.