Prominent iOS hacker Joshua Hill, better known as P0sixninja, said he’s got something bigger than a jailbreak coming, but didn’t further expound on his comments. It’s unclear what could be bigger than a jailbreak in the iOS community—CultOfMac suggests being able to install tweaks without jailbreaking at all—but Hill said the news is “amazing.” We’re intrigued. Please tell us more, Mr. Hill.

It’s unclear when Hill will reveal the project he’s been working on, but given his reputation and skillset in the Apple ecosystem, it’ll likely be something huge. If users were able to install tweaks without jailbreaking, it would change the face of iOS forever—whether that’s good or bad (if that’s what’s coming) remains to be seen.

Hill was an original member of the Chronic Dev Team—a group that was responsible for some of the largest jailbreak developments—so he certainly has the mettle to do big things. Hopefully we’ll know more soon.