Rotten Apple

Yesterday, it was revealed that a simple text-based exploit consisting of a string of Arabic letters could force applications running in iOS 6 and OS X 10.9 to crash. Apple’s aware of the issue — iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 will fix this vulnerability. However, there’s no indication that the company will release a patch for its current mobile and desktop operating systems, despite reports that the company was Cupertino to the bug six months ago.

Responding to the bug, the iOS jailbreak community quickly sprang into action, and earlier today iOS developer Filippo Bigarella released a patch that should allow users to relaunch apps that have were crashed by the text-based bug.

Apple has a history of patching these types of vulnerabilities. When a bug in iOS 3 allowed hackers to remotely enter code on another person’s device the company released a patch in the form of iOS 3.0.1. Hopefully, Apple will do the same with the current issue, however, the company may be too invested in its upcoming operating systems at the moment to push out patches for its soon-to-be outdated software.