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Android may be the most popular mobile OS around, but in the U.S. Apple's iOS still has an edge. According to a new study from Quantcast and investment firm Piper Jaffray, Cupertino's share of mobile web browsing grew from 61 percent up to 65 percent over the summer, while Google's software grew by just two points to hit 30 percent at the end of August.

The new study also reveals that as Android and iOS continue to grow, other mobile platforms continue to struggle, collectively dropping from 11 to 4.66 percent during the same period of time. The "other" category likely includes BlackBerry and Windows Phone. We know BlackBerry is quickly circling the drain and Microsofts Windows Phone is still making painfully slow gains.

The data also confirms what we already knew from previous studies. iPhone owners are more active in general on their devices than their Android counterparts, while iPad users make up 84 percent of the web traffic coming from tablets, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook.