We’ve already seen what “iOS in the Car” may offer if it is included in the release of iOS 7.1 later this year, thanks to some screenshots, though now we’re getting an even closer look. A developer named Steven Troughton-Smith recently fired up an iOS 7.0.3 simulator and started running “iOS in the Car” on his computer to show us what it’s all about.

While it’s obviously not a real look at the functionality on an in-car screen, we can still see how commands executed on an iPhone will look on your car’s in-dash display. Calling up Maps on your iPhone, for example, brings up a larger view inside of your car, which you can then interact with independently. We also see easy-to-access music controls, voice search support and the ability to quickly route for directions. The in-dash display also provides information on your iPhone, like the signal quality and the battery life.

Apple has acknowledged iOS in the Car is coming, and Audi, BMW, Chevrolet and Honda, among other auto makers, are interested in implementing the tech. So far, though, we’re in the dark as to when it will launch. For now, it looks like Apple is well on its way to getting this into the public’s hands.