According to three Apple patents filed at the U.S. Patent and Trademark office, it seems that the Thunderbolt ports the company is enchanted with in its Mac and display products might find their way to iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches as well.

At least one of the patents also goes into Cupertino's idea for robust Thunderbolt cables that could handle huge throughput without overheating. If this pans out, then you can expect crazy fast syncing of large amounts of data — as well as a widespread house cleaning of last-gen accessories relying on 30-pin dock connections.

There's even potential for iOS devices to connect directly to Thunderbolt-ready displays and other devices, a scenario that Apple describes in the documents. These connections "may be provided between a portable media player and a display, a computer and a portable media player, or between other types of devices." This is extremely interesting, especially given how iOS products have been criticized for not offering HDMI ports and universal micro USB connections, like many other mobile devices already do.

iOS users, are you stoked about the possibility of using Thunderbolt with your device? Or would you have preferred more universal HDMI and/or micro USB ports?

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