The reason we're always so eager to talk about changes in iOS is because of the potential of what Apple's mobile platform could be. But the platform, under the tutelage of the now-departed Scott Forstall, has fervently stuck to its merit badge of simplicity, with small iterations here and notification centers there. All the while some really imaginative concepts have been teased and left us hoping a bigger change will one day come.

In the one minute video, Australian designer Jesse Head imagines a more functional and beautiful multi-tasking concept, with live previews and quicker access to settings. In an ideal world, I'm sure plenty of iOS users would love if Apple would implement this, or something very similar to this. Now under the wing of Jony Ive, surely something new has to be on the way.

Many of the ideas posed by Head we've seen before, and you're likely to find a similar implementation somewhere in the Cydia store. But for the average consumer who is simply bored or left wanting more excitement from iOS, a fix like this could be a huge start.

Apple has been very quiet as of late, and rumors surrounding the eventual arrival of iOS 7 have been virtually nonexistent. At least we have concepts like this to pine over, taunting us with something that will likely never come to pass.