Samsung Galaxy S4 VS Apple iPhone 5

The latest smartphone market share numbers from comScore were published on Tuesday, and while Android is still the dominant mobile platform in the United States, it lost a bit of share to iOS during the three-month period that ended in Dec. 2013.

Android’s market share is now at 51.5 percent, down 0.3 percentage points from the three-month period ended in September. Meanwhile, Apple’s iOS saw a 1.2 percentage point increase to a 41.8 percent share. BlackBerry saw a 0.4 percentage point decline down to a 3.4 percent share, Windows Phone dropped 0.2 percentage points to a 3.1 percent share, and Symbian’s declining grip sits at 0.2 percent.


Meanwhile, Apple still makes the most popular smartphones in the U.S. with a 41.8 percent share of the market, up 1.2 percentage points. Samsung saw a similar gain and now has a 26.1 percent share of the market. Motorola remained relatively flat (down 0.1 percentage points) with a 6.7 percent share of the market, followed by LG sitting steady at 6.6 percent and HTC, down 1.4 percentage points to a 5.7 percent share.

Apple’s gains in OS and smartphone share are likely a nod to the record sales of the iPhone during the final quarter of the year (Apple’s fiscal Q1 2014). Sales will likely decline this quarter without the holiday shopping rush and as sales to early adopters start to falter