Indie games have always been an important part of the App Store, so it’s unsurprising to see Apple give them the love they deserve. For every Angry Birds, there are games like Hidden Folks, which show the more charming and creative side of developers.

The new Indie Game Showcase section will celebrate the best of the best, including Monument Valley, Threes!, Limbo and Canabalt. It’ll also highlight new releases and titles that are on sale. There are so many great titles highlighted by Apple that you’ll surely find a new favorite.

The App Store is too crowded

Over the past several years, the iOS App Store has become increasingly crowded, which is both good and bad. Good because it provides iOS users with plenty of variety, from games to apps focused on productivity. However, the more apps there are, the harder it is for developers to stand out.

By highlighting indie games, Apple is acknowledged an important part of its developer community while recommending some really cool games in the process.