iOS and Android App Downloads Christmas 2011It was an iOS and Android kind of Christmas in 2011. Devices running either software seem to have been among the most popular gift choices this holiday season, leading to a record-number of activations on Christmas morning. As a result, users took to each OS’ respective app store and got to downloading – 242 million apps, to be exact.

The data, collected by Flurry Analytics, reveal “Application downloads more than doubled on Christmas compared to the average number of downloads occurring during the first 20 days of December.” That’s a 125 percent jump over the average day of downloading. In addition, Flurry estimates around 6.8 million iOS and Android devices were activated on Christmas, jumping 353 percent over the 2.8 million from last year.

With over half a million apps, Apple’s iOS App Store is currently on pace to break the 10 billion barrier, while the Android Market has achieved upwards of 7 billion downloads – currently, the two stores combined rack up roughly one billion downloads a month, or 33 million a day. I was definitely busy downloading apps over the holiday break thanks to all the sales.

What apps did you download over the holiday break? Action Movie FX, anyone?

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