As if this should come as a surprise, Flurry Analytics on Friday said mobile device activations—that includes iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire—were up exponentially compared to any other day throughout the year. Meaning? Meaning a lot of people got some pretty darn good gifts. I got socks.

Flurry explained that it collects data by calculating app downloads that actually use Flurry Analytics. So for the beginning of this month, iOS and Android devices averaged 4 million activations per day. On Christmas Day, though, that figure ballooned up to over 17 million—a positive increase of 332 percent. Last year, activations reached an all-time high of 6.8 million on Christmas, giving you an idea of how the popularity of such devices has grown.

Naturally, Flurry also collected data for iOS and Android app downloads, which more than doubled what is was during the beginning of December. Obviously the first thing most folks do when they get their shiny new gadget is flood their respective app store. Earlier this month, iOS and Android together averaged 155 million app downloads. On Dec. 25, Flurry claims that figure rose to 328 million.

Finally, Flurry’s data shows that tablets edged out smartphones as the gift of choice, but by the slimmest of margins. The disparity between the two was actually greatest at the beginning of December, what smartphones were the clear winner—commanding 80 percent of activations. But come Christmas Day, tablets surpassed smartphones, shooting up to 51 percent compared to 49 percent for smartphones.

The data isn’t all that surprising, though it’s interesting to see how much activations pop on Christmas Day each year. Also interesting to see which mobile segment is the more popular.