When iPhone owners install iOS 9 later this fall, it’ll only require 1.3GB of storage space. Contrast that with iOS 8, which needed over 4GB, and it’s clear Apple is going to great lengths to accommodate devices that are already close to capacity. If you do happen to have less space than iOS 9 needs, however, it’ll perform a clever trick that will temporarily delete apps in order to make room for the update.

Shortly after iOS 9 beta 2 was released, users noticed a new setting that will allow apps to be deleted in order to make room for future software updates.

“In order to make room for the software update, some apps will need to be temporarily deleted. All deleted apps will automatically be replaced after the update is complete.”

Once apps are deleted and the software updates, all data and settings for apps will remain intact. The new feature is just a part of Apple’s efforts to accommodate users with less free space, such as those with 16GB. Take pity on us 16GB iPhone owners, Apple!