A new feature inside of iOS 9 will allow developers to build screen recording functionality into applications. It's called "ReplayKit," and it details of how it works were published recently.

ReplayKit, according to 9to5Mac, will allow developers to build applications that let the end user capture whatever is on the display. So, you might be cruising through a few levels of a video game when you decide to show a friend how to get through a boss level. Tap pause, choose and option to record, and on you go. Of course, this will require the game developer to build the functionality in first, but the tools are in place.

9to5Mac explained that there are a few ways that ReplayKit can work: an app can start to record automatically or it can be executed by the end user, who might have the option to record the screen and audio, or just what's happening on the display. Notifications are paused during the video recording process, 9to5Mac explained.

It could be a really great feature, especially for folks who want to create "how to" videos or who want to record gameplay, provided the app has the functionality built inside. 9to5Mac said that there have been SDKs that allow developers to add this sort of support before, but it's pretty huge that Apple is baking it right into iOS 9. We can't wait to see what sorts of apps take advantage of it this fall.