iOS 9 is going to introduce plenty of new features when it rolls out to users in September. That includes improvements to Siri, smarter search options, increased battery life and more. In the latest release of iOS 9 beta 3, which was published to developers on Wednesday, yet another new and incredibly useful feature was revealed.


iOS 9 will include separate photo albums for screenshots and selfies which, at least for the former, means you’ll no longer need to worry about your beautiful, perfectly organized photo album being littered with photos that, well, aren’t really photos. It’s useful for journalists like us, who tend to take a lot of screenshots during hands-on testing with software, but it’s also great for folks who tend to screenshot a lot for sharing. The selfies album is nice, too, if you’re into seeing how your look has progressed over time.

The change to albums was noticed by Twitter user ApplWatcherThe iOS 9 beta 3 release also includes support for Apple News and, finally, Apple Music. You can download it now.