Every time Apple releases a major iOS update we worry it could mean the end of jailbreaking. iOS 9 was supposed to be particularly difficult to crack thanks to a new security feature called Rootless, but it looks like one hacker has already figured out a way around Apple’s latest software.

A video shared to YouTube shows an iPhone running iOS 9 along with Cydia, an unofficial app store only available on jailbroken devices. We also get a quick tour of some of the tweaks this hacker, who goes by the handle iH8sn0w, has installed. That includes a custom boot logo and a few other improvements.

The video also notes that jailbreaking iOS 9 was relatively easy, and that the software is pretty similar to iOS 8 internally. iH8sn0w doesn’t actually reveal how to do it, but that’s probably for the best. Apple’s hasn’t released a final version of the new software yet, and this way the company won’t be able to patch up whatever exploit is being used.

Hopefully this means that you won’t have to wait too long for a jailbreak once iOS 9 officially launches next week. Of course there’s always some risk when it comes to jailbreaking your iPhone, but as long as you wait for an approved method from the main jailbreaking community it’s usually fine.