Last month we got a glimpse at the possibility of an untethered jailbreak for iOS 9. Now it’s actually here thanks to the team behind Pangu, which released its latest jailbreaking tool last night.

The jailbreak is available now, and works for iOS 9 up to version 9.0.2. That doesn’t cover iOS 9.1, which is still rolling out in beta to early testers and developers. You’ll also need a Windows PC to install the jailbreak, though it probably won’t be long before Pangu releases a version that works on Mac computers as well.

The iOS 9 jailbreak promises to work on any iPhone as far back as the 4s, along with the iPod Touch, iPads and iPad minis. Cydia, a sort of App Store equivalent for jailbreak tweaks and apps, also recently added iOS 9 support.

Jailbreaking opens up iOS devices to software that isn’t approved by Apple, often because it breaks the company’s strict rules for how the operating system should work. It lets you tweak everything from the homescreen and lockscreen layout to how apps run in the background.

Installing a jailbreak does break the warranty on your iPhone, though you can always restore to the original settings if you need to. Don’t forget to backup your device first though, and proceed at your own risk.