If you’re trying to update to iOS 9 over the air, you might be running into the error “Software Update Failed.” You’re not alone. We’re experiencing it and there are plenty of complaints on Twitter. Thankfully, there’s a way you can skirt this problem, but you’ll need your computer and iTunes. I know,  we’re so used to over-the-air updates that it’s like stepping back in time.


It’s easy enough, though. Just plug your iPhone into your computer and then from the Summary tab, click the update button. Your phone will query Apple’s servers and will pull down the update.

We noticed that it measures 2.04GB in size, which is a lot larger than the 1.2GB size of the over-the-air update. But, as of this post, it’s downloading without a problem. That’s more than we can say for the OTA option.


So, if you’re having trouble, try the iTunes option. Otherwise you can wait and see if Apple fixes the OTA option soon. We’ll let you know when it does.